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Cormac McCarthy gives us pages of idiosyncratic wordplay without even cheap narrative excitement. Who does he think he is?

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Well, yes. With our colleagues, and with our students, we have the space not only to express disagreement in more than tweets and sound bites, but also to probe the reasons underlying our disagreement. Ignorance is ugly, particularly in prison.

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It tumbles into my cell right now as I write this. But for some, education can quell that. Thinking About Homelessness Stephen Hitchcock Thinking about homeless requires separating it from the larger discourse on poverty. Back to the City! Back to the Country!

White Nationalism as Immigration Policy

Stephen Assink One of the most salient features of the post—World War II suburb was its localization of the American middle class and its propagation of practices of mass consumption. Why the New Flows of Capital Matter for Cities Stephen Assink Cities are increasingly being eyed by tech companies for their social dynamism and ability to generate innovation. Who Is the Smart City for? Stephen Assink In India's rush to transform, build, and even engineer entire new cities, critics are right to raise concerns about citizenship and access.

Confronting Climate Change Stephen Assink Reimagining our cities provides us an important opportunity to reconsider the various structures of urban life. Humanities, Heal Thyself! Jay Tolson News that humanities enrollments and majors are declining in American universities is not quite news, but the New York Times recently devoted first-page attention to the trend, complete with some numbers that might be scary to at least part of the professoriate.

Brand Loyalty After Virtue It was a letter from my life insurance company that got me thinking about the philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre. I had applied for some additional insurance. Like many libertarians before him, he traces this critique back to an overall anxiety that a "nanny state" will interfere with our lives, and take away our natural freedom. The Culture War and America's Image Abroad Jay Tolson America did not always think that its image should be entrusted solely to its popular culture machine. For a time, and quite successfully, it devoted considerable resources to advancing its values and principles through public diplomacy.

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Public universities lack any substantial sense of what their functions are as democratic institutions. Is Nothing Truly Alive?

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Paul Nedelisky What's the real-world significance of arguing in a New York Times op-ed that life doesn't exist? Brother Rat? Paul Nedelisky Empirical verifiability is great when you can get it.

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When honored, it has yielded important protections. When breached, it has facilitated widespread and systematic oppression. Guest Blogger A better understanding of the meaning and limits science will surely help correct the distorted and reductionist views that many today seem to believe scientific knowledge supports. Census report on poverty and income offers a glimmer of light in an otherwise somber landscape. Recognizing the Adult in the Mirror B.

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McClay In art as in life, the real adults are often hard to recognize. Cowardice and Ebola Jay Tolson Consider the current debate over the appropriate response to the Ebola virus as it spreads beyond its epicenter in West Africa. Does the discourse of cowardice, and its antonyms bravery and courage, play any role in this debate? Should it? Catholic Responses to Poverty Guest Blogger Shuttling between economics and political philosophy, public policy and theology, literature and ethics—the conference paraded the unique strength of the intellectual Catholicism today—no discipline out of bounds, no perspective non grata.

Honoring a Vet Leann Davis Alspaugh Returning to base, Davis and the other pilots heard their orders for the next day: Attack Kiska Harbor with everything they had regardless of the weather.

McClay The self-immolator does not seek merely to die, but to die horribly, in such a way that others will be compelled to take notice. Guest Blogger What do we know about the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, and the larger issues to which they point? Miss Manners and Mr. Manspreader B.

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Recognizing Art Leann Davis Alspaugh When El Greco heard the insultingly low valuation for his work, he launched a long and bitter court battle that quietly changed the perception of artists and art in Spain. Diversity lets us experience different cultures and be more open….

America has always been known as the country who invites those less fortunate in, but at what cost? At what point will there be an end? There have been millions of people coming to the United States every year, fleeing…. On the 17th January , at a campaign rally in Miami, President Donald Trump stated that A Trump administration will stop illegal immigration, deport all criminal aliens, and save American lives poltifact. The president and his administration will do actions…. We have no choice. The crowd chanted in response: "Build that…. Values The focus of our group for this project is illegal immigration and how it has shaped the mindset of people in America today.

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  • This definition also encompasses people who have stayed in a country after their visa expiration date. As illegal immigration around the world continues to grow due to war and other hostile living conditions it has never been more important to understand how illegal immigration shapes the world, we live in and how it could shape our future. All papers discuss the topic using references from a wide variety of literature in the field. Unauthorized Immigrants in The United States As of , there is an average of 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the United States, 3.

    Does Illegal Immigration Impact Texas?