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Shaw, Princeton University Abstract - This is the early draft of a collation of the map resources that are available for the study of Roman North Africa. It is hoped that, even in this early stage of presentation, it will be of some use to those who are seeking cartographic resources for research on the region. Shaw, Princeton University No longer available as a working paper. This is now published as Chapter 4 [in] Glenn R.

Storey ed. This paper has now been published in J. Shaw, Princeton University Abstract - The story of the pre-Marxian ideology of Spartacus is not without its own peculiar interests. It is a strange narrative prompted both by the birth of a modern analytical, and political, interest in slavery, and in parallel debates over the meaning of liberty and servitude. The final publication is in Ancient Society 35 The final publication is in M. Atkins and R. Osborne, eds. This paper argues that the success of chattel slavery was a function of the specific configuration of several critical variables: the character of certain kinds of economic activity, the incentive system, the normative value system of a society, and the nature of commitments required of the free population.

High real wages and low slave prices precipitated the expansion of slavery in classical Greece and Republican Rome, while later periods of Roman history may have witnessed either a high-equilibrium level of slavery or its gradual erosion in the context of lower wages and higher prices. Dal Lago and C. Katsari eds. Comparative data from late medieval Tuscany raise doubts about the applicability of these findings beyond urban environments.

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This paper has been published in Classical Philology The demography of Roman state formation in Italy Walter Scheidel, Stanford University Abstract - This paper seeks to provide a basic demographic framework for the study of integrative processes in Italy during the Republican period.

Following a brief summary of the state of the debate about population size, the paper focuses on distributional issues such as military and political participation rates and geographical mobility, and concludes with a simple model of the dynamics of Italian integration. The final publication is in: M. Jehne and R. Pfeilschifter eds. Framing Portraits and Persons: the Small Herculaneum Woman statue type and the construction of identity.

Abstract - This paper explores the framing of portraits of women in the second century CE through three examples of the so-called Small Herculaneum Woman statue type. Corpore enormi: the rhetoric of physical appearance in Suetonius and imperial portrait statuary!

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Abstract - Geospatial modeling enables us to relate the maritime freight charges imposed by the tetrarchic price controls of CE to simulated sailing time. Abstract - Ancient societies were shaped by logistical constraints that are almost unimaginable to modern observers. Abstract - The use of coerced labor in the form of chattel slavery in the private sector has long been regarded as one of the defining characteristics of some of the best-known economies of the ancient Mediterranean.

Abstract - Comparative analysis of the sources of income of the Han and Roman imperial states and of the ways in which these polities allocated state revenue reveals both similarities and differences. Abstract - This is the third revised version of a chapter being prepared for the Whiley-Blackwell Companion to Ethnicity in the Ancient Mediterranean.

Roman Callimachus forthcoming in B. Abstract: A rehearsal of the influence and appropriation of Callimachus in Roman letters, intended as introductory reading for students and non-specialists. Abstract - This paper introduces current approaches to the study of the Roman economy. Abstract - This paper presents and discusses evidence of real incomes in the Roman period. Abstract - This paper discusses the location of slavery in the Roman economy. Coin quality, coin quantity, and coin value in early China and the Roman world. Abstract - This paper presents and discusses evidence of physical wellbeing in the Roman period.

Abstract - This is a review, commissioned by and written for Bryn Mawr Classical Review , of an excellent collection of papers on the language — really, languages — found in Greek and Latin papyri and related sources from the third century B. Abstract - Prepared for a forthcoming handbook of Roman Egypt, this paper surveys ancient and comparative evidence and modern interpretations of life expectancy, mortality patterns, and disease in ancient Egypt.

Abstract - This paper responds to recent scholarship by Willem Jongman and Geoffrey Kron that has tried to make a case for elevated levels of prosperity and physical wellbeing in the first two centuries of the Roman imperial monarchy. A comparative perspective on the determinants of the scale and productivity of maritime trade in the Roman Mediterranean.

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Abstract - The scale and productivity of maritime trade is a function of environmental conditions, political processes and economic development that determine demand, and more specifically of trading costs. Abstract - This paper surveys textual and physical evidence of disease and mortality in the city of Rome in the late republican and imperial periods.

Abstract: Intended as a guide for quick reference, this paper tabulates all of the known movements of the princeps Tiberius from birth to death. Abstract - Recent scholarship has focused on the way in which Horace avoids speaking of a returning golden age in his later poetry, even though Vergil had done precisely this in the sixth book of his epic.

Abstract -This paper discusses Greco-Roman practices of monogamy and polygyny for a forthcoming handbook on the ancient family. Abstract -This paper surveys recent trends in the study of economic development and human well-being in the Roman world.

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Abstract - Different ways of estimating the Gross Domestic Product of the Roman Empire in the second century CE produce convergent results that point to total output and consumption equivalent to 50 million tons of wheat or close to 20 billion sesterces per year. Abstract: Herodes and Regilla built a number of installations during their marriage, some of which represented their union in spatial terms.

Abstract - Over the past 50 years economists have increasingly emphasized investment in human capital as a fundamental cause of sustained economic growth, because investments in education, training and health make the labor force more productive. Abstract -This paper seeks to relate proxy indices of economic performance to competing hypotheses of sustainable and unsustainable intensive economic growth in the Roman world.

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  7. Abstract - In what sense were the ancient Greeks and Romans monogamous, and why does it matter? Abstract - The Chinese tradition of supplementing large quantities of bronze cash with unminted gold and silver represents a rare exception to the western model of precious-metal coinage. Real Wages in Roman Egypt: A contribution to recent work on pre-modern living standards. Abstract: This article focuses on the debate about the size of the population of Roman Italy.

    Abstract - This paper provides a synoptic outline of convergent trends in state formation in western and eastern Eurasia from the early first millennium BCE to the mid-first millennium CE and considers the problem of subsequent divergence. Abstract - This paper identifies divergent trends in state formation after the disintegration of the Roman and Han empires and considers their causes and long-term consequences. This paper version 2.

    Family matters: Economy, culture and biology: fertility and its constraints in Roman Italy. Abstract: This article approaches the phenomenon of fertility in Roman Italy from a range of perspectives. Abstract - The article presents the model that rising demand for land drives the process of privatization.

    Abstract: This is a second attempt at a synthesis of the main problems for the forthcoming Cambridge History of Ancient Religions. Abstract - This paper investigates what determines fiscal institutions and the burden of taxation using a case study from ancient history. Abstract - This paper provides a critical assessment of the current state of the debate about the number of Roman citizens and the size of the population of Roman Italy. Abstract: In this paper I examine the scholarship of Roman Syria and the history of research on this province. Abstract - In recent years, the adoption of key concepts and models of modern population studies has greatly advanced our understanding of the demography of the Greco-Roman world.

    Abstract - This survey of the scale and sources of the Roman slave supply will be published in Keith Bradley and Paul Cartledge eds. Abstract - This paper presents a new model of the main exogenous and endogenous determinants of real income growth in Italy in the last two centuries BC. Abstract - This paper very briefly considers three ways of expanding the study of Roman income levels beyond the limits of empirical data on costs and wages, by considering the determinants of real incomes, the use of proxy data for real incomes, and the potential of cross-cultural comparison.

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    Abstract: The letter De fisco Barcinonensi is one of the few documents that we have on Visigothic taxation. Abstract - A critical reconsideration of a recent foray into the vexatious problem of the origins of race and racism. Abstract - In ancient societies, many individuals lost their fathers while they were still minors or unmarried. Abstract - This paper draws on evolutionary psychology to elucidate ultimate causation in imperial state formation and predatory exploitation in antiquity and beyond. Abstract - This paper provides a general overview of Greco-Roman population history.

    Abstract - The circumcellions were roving bands of violent men and women found in late Roman Africa. Abstract - This is the early draft of a collation of the map resources that are available for the study of Roman North Africa. No longer available as a working paper. Abstract - The story of the pre-Marxian ideology of Spartacus is not without its own peculiar interests. Was it a way of. Hardback, 7. The ancient Roman culture had several traits that made it a thriving and. Turnitin's formative feedback and district attorney intern resume originality checking services promote critical thinking, ensure.

    This is an essay that takes place in Ancient Rome, from the perspective of a Slave who was captured in war and must teach the children of his new master. Suggested essay questions about ancient Roman civilization. In Cinema and writes essays on cities, language, Asia, and men's style.