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Ive just started today, struggling for inspiration, want to start getting a draft now so not cramming next to the deadline. Was thinking of are Aug 24, Anyway, I have been asked to think of some topics for my. Look in the news for other topical issues that you could about. The are 9,10, 11 and Click, on candidates response, then the picture to read the essay. Bearsden Academy A. Page 2. Alternatively, use a method that works best for you: a mind-map, flow diagram, word.

Aug 21, A new resource for National 5 and pupils has been added to the Resources page: a Guide. The pdf guides you through the important steps one-by-one and provides tips, advice and ideas. A must for all pupils preparing persuasive folio pieces in the coming weeks!

This includes any planning notes, any planning tools such as mind maps, preliminary versions in jotters, copies of sources you may use in , a first copy or draft with guidance. This planning stage will be kept by the school and will be used to evidence that the final submission is your own work.

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Read this! Building on literacy skills, Learners will develop their understanding of the complexities of language by studying a wide range of texts and building Oct 26, Here are the we discussed in class: Lockerbie Bomber Are We Really a Nation of Animal Lovers The End of Democracy in Europe Whose Benefit The detailed marking comments for the can be found here: Commentaries.

In an argument you are making a series of linked statements that are supported with either reasons or evidence. If youve been methodical in your preparation for your then you should have a few points for the point of view which are going to persuade people to hold. You take these points and any others — you may Jun 11, - exemplar Writing - exams. Candidate In the social sciences, ideas are developed, is improved and evaluation skills are acquired.

However, a teen can move away, but what about a baby in a pushchair or a dog on a lead?? Is this an infringement of human rights? Is it cruel to animals? He's just told me his teacher asked if she could use it as an example for other pupils - it must have been good. I'm amazed. My YS did one, something about the internet being world changing or society's downfall - there was a lot to discuss and something that children of their age can appreciate.

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Should athletes found guilty of doping offences be banned for life from representing Britain at the Olympics? Very topical as this is currently the subject of a legal review and with London coming up. Then the views of ie Elton John you need to clarify his views if they are for or against these kind of shows etc etc. Are these shows a good thing? The very famous Punk group who changed the national anthem??

Lots of pros and cons..

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Is communication by "text-speak" a positive or negative thing. Or - are we better of now being in constant communication than we were say in the 70's whan all we had were public phone boxes and house phones.

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Let us know then I am sure we can come up with something that will grab him. Found out the actual title - Information Superhighway or Society's Downfall. Jings, friends I'm overwhelmed!! Thank you for your suggestions. He loves music rap , graphics, bmx - ing although less so now. I like the olympic suggestions and have suggested similar to him myself. I think he might go for the music industry essay or something similar.

Delighted, thanks for your help. Will see what he thinks when he comes home from school Alli x. If he does the music industry he could reference someone like Billy idol he probably hasnt heard of him who left the UK as he got fed up with the music indusry and went to the states.

Gary Numan who disappeared but you still hear mixes of his music. Then you have George Michaels fall out with Sony etc. And wasnt Simon Cowell more known for Teletubbies too? V Lady Gaga!

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Waterman talked about her getting off a plane arriving at studio to do the recording etc.. Gosh my kids are always suprised when I know the words to the songs. Thanks to everyone who replied. I think he'll manage to get in something about American rappers too knowing him. Sounds to me like he has the potential for a good essay, I just hope he pulls it off and on time. Fingers crossed.


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Thanks again, Alli x. Sounds like a great topic. I always think picking the subject is the hardest part! Good luck to him.

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Given that it is for higher English he could also look at the Publishing industry and ebooks v printed. I work in logistics for Publishing and the debate has been going on for many years now. If he joins Linked In and looks for Publishing connections there are often debates going on with different view points, its good because it is global and he could look at how the views differ across each country.

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