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A lot of this indicates that there may be a general bias among police officers that non-white people are more likely to be criminals. Even worse, it could even be an indication that some police officers are knowingly abusing their power in order to carry out racist attacks without facing the same dangers of legal prosecution. Because of the racial tensions that existed well until the later half of the 21st century, many police officers adopted the approach of willfully discriminating against black people when pursuing criminal offenders Owen In other cases, individuals are simply given the advantage of exploiting their socially responsible position of being a police officer in order to carry out racially motivated hate crimes that can later be easily justified on the basis of their respectable posts.

Bias and unequal treatment of citizens by police officers is unacceptable in a developed and democratic country that strives to set an example to the rest of the world. Allowing police officers to get away with acts of brutality, especially those based on racial prejudice, are not only illegal but also dangerous for democracy itself. Having people in power that are abusing the law to their own benefit, and at the expense of the lives of innocent citizens, is the first step towards an undemocratic and oppressive society. Police brutality should have all citizens worried, regardless of their ethnic background.

The fact that a police force would foster officers that are willing to break the law should be an enormous concern on its own. The knowledge of police brutality and discrimination towards black people can cause problems for many people, regardless if they are criminals or innocent civilians. It means that millions of Americans are forced to live in fear of being accidental victims in police shootings.

The danger is knowingly increased for everyone when both police officers and potential victims are aware of the potential unaccountability of police shootings.

As a result, many people can develop issues such as anxiety and anti-social behavior, simply by knowing that they are categorized as less worthy by those that have been assigned to protect and serve all citizens equally. Fortunately, police brutality may be something that will soon be eradicated from modern society through the development of various technological feats. These developments have allowed for many new possibilities, including greater oversight and accountability of police officers in their daily routine and duties. For instance, dash cameras have been in use for quite some time in many police forces across the United States and other developed nations.

They are installed in police cars and record everything that happens in front of the vehicle. This allows not only for police officers to be more accountable, but also to protect them from false claims by citizens. Of course, the only problem with police dashboard cameras is that they have a limited angle of recording, meaning that the potential for abuse is still left open. To counter this problem, body cameras have been rising in popularity across many national police forces.

These body cameras allow for cases of potential abuses against black people to be recorded and used against police in criminal court cases. However, it also allows honest police officers to fully escape any wrongful convictions of brutality Wiley More important, however, is the rise of the internet and social media as tools of raising awareness about police brutality and unequal treatment of African Americans. It may very well be the reason why issues of police brutality have been brought to the forefront of public attention in recent years.

Social media has allowed for many people and communities to gain voices in the large media circles, something that was virtually impossible for many prior to the internet era. Now that any story can gain a large international audience if it is important enough, many acts of police brutality are much more difficult to conceal and go by unpunished. In conclusion, police brutality against African Americans is an unfortunate but very real social problem. It results in the unlawful and unethical discrimination, persecution and abuse of millions of black Americans, many of whom live in everyday fear thanks to the knowledge of this prejudice among the police forces.

Many police officers are inclined to consider black people as bigger threats than they really are, especially when the statistics are compared to incidents involving white people. In either case, the ongoing cases and reports of police brutality against African Americans are a sign that there is still a lot that needs to be done on this matter. Garner, Eric. Lowery, Wesley.

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I see the brain surgeon from Orlando High School, a legend who my father knew—men who miraculously beat every odd to excellence. I see petty peddlers and businesswomen and nurses and teachers who subverted apartheid every single day. Just by staying black and blessed and being fabulous, their lives were in defiance.

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Today, South Africa is another country. Apartheid has been struck off the books, but the tentacles of white supremacy are long, pliant and pervasive. Ours is the most unequal country on earth. Living there, a trip to top up on milk or a loaf of bread supasses Marie Antoinette arriving in Versailles. Majestic mountains behind you. And two oceans in the only place where warm Indian waters taste the cool currents of the Atlantic.

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And you have a lifestyle—for the few who can afford it—which does not disappoint. Wines that were favoured by Napoleon Bonaparte, fresh seafood fit for the gods and everything a comfort creature needs to live better than middle class America. Most Africans live on par with the poorest citizens of Bangladesh. When my Soweto-based uncle came to Cape Town for the first time in his 57 years, his first time on a plane, let alone on holiday, he was incredulous. How can this be real when we live the way we do, he wanted to know?

The same things I want to show and tell my American friends when they tut their tongues at white South Africa. The umbilical cord that nursed the most unequal society in the world fed the same root that birthed America, I want to tell them. These are twin white supremacy states; grown in the same womb and suckled on the same black boob. And until we unpack the meanings of our different freedoms in each place, we risk watching the A. I mean a fresh cast of black bodies maimed as the Central Park Five. For me, being Black in America is familial.

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Three hundred and ninety seven years of white supremacy served in the plumpest pie of laden opportunity you ever laid your eyes on. Opportunities that have not been lost on me as an African immigrant. Opportunities that are deftly denied my black brethren—descendants of the first Americans—the African ancestors who built this country.

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A simple example is education. America laid out what I can only describe as a magic red carpet joy-ride throughout my NYU years. It was a dream that opened innumerable doors.

First from the Lenape Original People who lost the land to the Dutch, beginning in Then, from emancipated Africans who farmed Washington Square Park. The Dutch imported and enslaved Africans on the island beginning in When more slaving ships came, and as the original enslaved workers aged, they fought for freedom. Eventually, they struck a deal with the Dutch.

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The Dutch were happy to put them there as a buffer between New Amsterdam in lower Manhattan and the Lenapes to the north, who often resisted white colonial supremacy with violent raids. The British stole farms from Catalina, Domingo, Manuel and others farming Washington Square Park, distributing their hard-earned holdings to white wealthy dudes. I could dissect this historic anecdote six days to Sunday, including pointing out the eerie parallel to modern gentrification in black neighbourhoods like Harlem or Bed-Sty or Fort Green.

But, Education. What do you do with that? America is like that uncle who molested you when you were a kid , Chris says, But now wants to give you a free ride through college. What do you do with such an offer? Or better yet, does he have any words of wisdom for siblings Elizabeth and Shepard Thomas—descendants of one among the enslaved ? I have so many questions for Elizabeth and Shepard. Questions I live with regarding my own being—my participation and self-authorship in the ongoing experiments for freedom in South Africa and the U.

Questions I explore in my fiction.

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Questions about the current House bill on reparations, a case famously and beautifully made by Ta-Nehisi Coates in his groundbreaking Atlantic article.