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The fourth type of internet addiction is Computer Addiction. This is not a true internet addiction but has the same qualities. People with this become obsessed with just being on a computer. The last type of internet addiction is Cybersexual Addiction. People that fall into this category will spend more time viewing, downloading, and trading online pornography.

People will participate in online fantasy and role-playing chat rooms. They may even be tempted to send pornographic pictures of themselves to other users. There are many warning signs of internet addiction. The user will lose track of time while online. They will sacrifice hours of sleep to spend time online.

They will become angry when they are interrupted. They will check their email several times a day. They will become irritable when not allowed online. They would rather spend time online than with friends or family. People will lie about the amount of time they have spent on the internet. Relationships online become more important that those with real life friends and family to some people. They start losing interest in activities that they once enjoyed.

Personal, family, academic, financial, and occupational problems are caused by internet addiction. These are the same problems as with any other addiction. Real life relationships are disrupted. People spend more time by themselves.

Arguments arise about the amount of time spent online. People will attempt to hind the amount of time they spend online. This causes distrust. Money problems may arise because of shopping online or the service provider. Not any one type of person is prone to developing internet addiction. People who lack strong relationships with others are more likely to develop the addiction. The internet becomes an escape for those who are already suffering for psychological difficulties, such as, anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem.

People who have struggled with other addictions may also be more likely to develop an internet addiction. To prevent or treat internet addiction you should agree on some ground rules. Parents should monitor the amount of time children spend online and should watch for the warning signs. Obsessing over anything is termed as addiction to that particular thing. Addiction to anything — be it drugs, internet, social media or gaming can have fatal consequences. Different people get addicted to different things. Some may be obsessed with a person and thus get addicted to talking to him or being with him all the time, some may be obsessed with their own self and may get addicted to taking selfies and boasting about themselves on the social media, some may be obsessed with shopping and may get addicted to visiting markets and malls to buy unnecessary stuff.

Our company and circumstances usually play an important role in developing such addictions. Even though people know about the harmful consequences of addiction, they are unable to stop themselves from indulging in the same. Addiction to drugs is the worst kind of addiction.

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Many treatments have been developed to overcome drug addiction. However, if a person does not follow self control no amount of therapies or treatments can help him get rid of it. Numerous youths in India are addicted to alcohol and drugs. This takes a toll on both their mental and physical health. Drug addiction does not only harm the addict but his entire family suffers with him. While on the one hand, we talk about empowering our youth and hope that they will contribute towards the development of our country on the other hand we see thousands of youths ruining their lives due to addiction to drugs and alcohol.

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The youth must be sensitized towards this issue. The government must also play its part by putting a ban on the sale of such substances to put a stop to these practices. Anyone seen selling these illegally must be severely punished. It is time to act responsibly and say no to drugs or for that matter to addiction of any kind.

The government or our friends and family members cannot help much if we are not ready to help ourselves. Addiction of any kind can have an adverse effect on the victim as well as those close to him. The health hazards associated with drug and alcohol addiction are known to all. These are bad for your physical as well as mental health. Those addicted to certain foods develop eating disorders and also incur various health problems such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

Addictions of other kinds also impact the health negatively. When you are addicted to something you spend on it excessively. You are so obsessed with it that you do not realise that you are over spending. It can dig a hole in your pocket and your budget can go for a toss. Those addicted to gambling, drugs and alcohol mostly borrow money to quench their addiction and often end up in debt.

People addicted to drugs and alcohol often lose their sense of control and end up indulging in unnecessary arguments and conflicts with those around them thereby straining their relationships. Those addicted to social media and internet are so engrossed in their mobile that they ignore and neglect their family members. Those having gambling addiction are frustrated most of the times and this affects their relationships negatively. Addiction also hampers ones studies and work life. When you are addicted to something, all you can think of is that particular thing. You lose focus and your grasping power also goes down drastically.

Besides drugs and alcohol, mobile addiction is also hampering work to a great extent these days.

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While the harmful consequences of addiction are stated time and again however people still get addicted to various things. Though these things give them temporary pleasure, they are aware that these are not good for them. Those trying hard to get rid of addiction of any sort can try the following:. Addiction to anything influences our decisions and choices.

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What is internet addiction? Satan is attacking us slowly, that. The Buzz about Internet Addiction and its Negative Impact Meta Description: The internet connects millions of people, providing information, entertainment and communication platform.