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Adaptive market hypothesis and momentum effect: Evidence from Dhaka Stock Exchange.

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Published online: 23 Aug Poverty and green economy in South Africa: What is the nexus? Published online: 22 Aug Financial market reaction to cyberattacks. Published online: 13 Aug The dividend puzzle misspecification — Why the role of dividends is not what people think. Shreyansh Goyal Zhaojun Yang Reviewing editor. Perceived intrusiveness of rich media ads in online advertising: Evidences from young Indian travellers. Published online: 12 Aug Value relevance of financial reporting: Evidence from Malaysia.

Discovering determinants of trade credit demand: Evidence from top managers insight.

Published online: 08 Aug Randy Beavers Damir Tokic Reviewing editor. Published online: 06 Aug Gender diversity in boardrooms — A literature review.

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Determinants of farm livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Yayu biosphere reserve, SW Ethiopia: a gender disaggregated analysis. Beneberu A. Wondimagegnhu , Admassu T. Nischalke Robert Read Reviewing editor. Published online: 03 Aug Does rainfall variability matter for food security in developing countries? Published online: 22 Jul Are structural policies in countries bordering mediterranean appropriate to economic convergence: Panel ARDL application. Published online: 20 Jul Published online: 17 Jul Market power and the role of banks as liquidity providers in GCC markets. Published online: 16 Jul Shadow banking, risk-taking and monetary policy in emerging economies: A panel cointegration approach.

Tewari Juan Sapena Reviewing editor. Published online: 12 Jul Exploring bequest intentions of Indian households. Access to homebuyer credit and housing satisfaction among households buying affordable apartments in urban Vietnam. Published online: 11 Jul Dividend policy and stock price volatility in an emerging market: Does ownership structure matter? Published online: 09 Jul Exchange rate and Chinese financial market: Variance decomposition under vector autoregression approach.

Published online: 01 Jul Profitability and profit efficiency of certified groundnut seed and conventional groundnut production in Northern Ghana: A comparative analysis. Dominic Tasila Konja , Franklin N. Credit risk clustering in a business group: Which matters more, systematic or idiosyncratic risk? Published online: 29 Jun Double-sided balanced conditional Sharpe ratio.

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Published online: 28 Jun The impact of agricultural package programs on farm productivity in Tigray-Ethiopia: Panel data estimation. Published online: 26 Jun Analysts and stock liquidity — Global evidence. Published online: 23 Jun Financial strength information and institutional investor demand: Evidence from India.

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Published online: 21 Jun Board gender diversity and firm financial performance in France: Empirical evidence using quantile difference-in-differences and dose-response models. Macro-determinants of short-term foreign debt in Ghana. David McMillan Reviewing editor. Published online: 20 Jun Published online: 17 Jun Financial development, remittances and economic growth: A threshold analysis. A structural equation model of reputational risk in South Africa. SJ Ferreira , E. Retraction: Penalties and Contagion in Financial Networks.

Published online: 13 Jun Are financial market states recurrent and persistent? Matthew W.

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Burkett , William T. Published online: 11 Jun Do mobile phones, economic growth, bank competition and stability matter for financial inclusion in Africa? Is there any relationship between monetary policy tools and external credit-growth nexus in Nigeria? Oluwasogo S. Adediran , Emmanuel O. George , Philip O. Obasaju Robert Read Reviewing editor. Published online: 08 Jun Foreign aid, poverty and economic growth in developing countries: A dynamic panel data causality analysis.

Contribution of financial market development in competitiveness growth. Mohammad W. Bashayreh David McMillan Reviewing editor. Published online: 05 Jun Government debt, government debt service and economic growth nexus in Zambia: a multivariate analysis. Odhiambo Mariam Camarero Reviewing editor. Published online: 03 Jun Modelling the determinants of government expenditure in Nigeria. Published online: 29 May Impact of contract farming on rice farm performance: Endogenous switching regression.

John Kanburi Bidzakin , Simon C. Published online: 28 May Stock liquidity and capital structure: International evidence. Published online: 26 May Latent earning capacity and the race marriage gap. Published online: 24 May The determinants of liquidity of Indian listed commercial banks: A panel data approach. Eissa A. Tabash , Najib H. Almaqtari Stephanos Papadamou Reviewing editor.

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Published online: 20 May Published online: 19 May Published online: 16 May Does direct-sold funds provide a sizeable edge to investors? Evidences from selected mutual funds in India.

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Published online: 15 May Legal theory of finance: Evidence from global financial networks. Published online: 13 May Why APRC is misleading and how it should be reformed. Published online: 07 May Recruitment strategies in a university institution: a theoretical cost minimization approach.

Published online: 03 May Yaya Keho Christian Nsiah Reviewing editor.

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Can Bitcoin be a diversifier, hedge or safe haven tool? Published online: 30 Apr Published online: 29 Apr Investor sentiment and stock return volatility: Evidence from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Published online: 27 Apr Macroeconomic surprises and stock market responses—A study on Indian stock market. Published online: 25 Apr Volatility behavior of asset returns based on robust volatility ratio: Empirical analysis on global stock indices. Maheswaran David McMillan Reviewing editor. Published online: 22 Apr Is public debt harmful towards economic growth?

New evidence from South Africa. Phiri Christian Nsiah Reviewing editor. Shadow financial services and firm performance in South Africa.