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They will read the published work of those authors, eventually writing both analytical and creative responses to that work. The topics will vary according to instructor interest and expertise. Prerequisite: CRWR and completion of six hours of upper-division creative writing courses. It also assists students in professional development by identifying their literary talents and interests as well as educating them on the many paths to a literary career.

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Areas to be covered include the history of creative writing pedagogy, up to and including modern pedagogical approaches to the field. In addition to discussion and lectures, students will observe and describe creative writing classes at levels pertinent to their teaching interests and develop an integrated practice lesson.

C2C Creative Writing Workshop 2013

Prerequisites: CRWR and completion of six hours of upper-division creative writing courses. The course is designed for students who are already grounded in the fundamentals of creative writing and who have explored the genre of fiction writing sufficiently well to know that they have ambitions to write novels. Students will compose a portion of their own novels. You will study ten novella-length works from different cultural traditions, learn to analyze and critique them, and write your own novella, which will be extensively workshopped in class. Students will read a craft textbook on revising novels.

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They will also read multiple versions of a classic novel to compare the published version with the earlier, unfinished one. They will carry out a variety of revision activities on their novels, and they will receive feedback about their revising efforts from small group workshop sessions and from their instructor in one-on-one conferences. It is designed for students who have completed basic and intermediate courses who want to study specific topics that are not offered in the curriculum.

Directed Study is especially useful to students who plan to go on to graduate study and to students seeking professional careers in writing. Interns are supervised by department faculty and a work-site manager.

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Prerequisites: CWRW , one Ievel creative writing course, and consent of the internship committee. So illustrious? So free? Lauren bent over her guitar and strummed, as if she were searching for an answer, as if the metallic edge of her Gibson could vibrate to the right pitch of cool. They spoke Cantonese on the phone together when they wanted to keep their secrets secret.

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Her father played in garage bands. He was born with an electric guitar. And so was she. When our history teacher went around the class and asked what kind of music do you listen to? Her living room, surrounded by turn-of-the-century Qing chests and miniature lacquered paintings, felt like a recording studio that afternoon. Red cushions, low lights, and dark walnut furniture. A makeshift cabaret for a bunch of girls, barely legal.

Gillian with her dark hair and half-smile, belting out the lyrics louder than anyone else. As if she were Stevie Nicks, herself, and knew the truth about pain. Her parents had divorced. Ours just seemed to fight all the time. So Gillian held the honor of being part mystic, part witch in our tribe. What heartaches had we experienced?

What did we know about life at sixteen? With a man or a woman. We were just beginning to learn what it meant to come of age. To gaze into the future. To gaze back, an old crone, towards all the mistakes and milestones of our life. And what we saw, at sixteen, frightened us. We were experienced. As if these staged rebels in their infinite costumes, postures, and expressions of cool could save us.

Save us from becoming adults.

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Save us from becoming women. Save us from a million taboos and stigmas and haunting forms of socialization. I tried to impress her by playing back Joplin, Brubeck, Bach, Beethoven, Yann Tiersen, different time signatures, and chord progressions on the piano. On the second line just for us: chatterboxes, klutzes, not yet agents of our lives. Our songs fused and interrogated one another. They hardly made sense.

She and me. Latchkey kids. Part-time musicians. Our jams short-circuited every style in history. To read the full essay, order a copy of Hunger Mountain or visit their website here. Thanks to Colleen Michaels for inviting me to read along with other poets. Each poet will read a poem written about the theme: bridges.

As we read, dancers will dance across the bridge in the background. This is going to be visually sublime, and I cannot wait. I was out on the pier tonight, and the smell of the water and the sight of the sailboats against the pink sky while Dennis played with his jazz band was breathtakingly beautiful. Friday, September 13th 8 p. Caligari is screened onto the pyramid, with a live film score! All Genres and Levels Welcome! We will be writing underneath the pyramid, working under a full moon, with the soothing water next to us. Come experiment with mindfulness exercises that will open up your creativity channels.

Sunday, September 15th, at p. Retreat activities will include craft of writing seminars and creative writing workshops, literary tours of Paris. Genres include poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. More details about classes and instructors follow below! Writing about Space and Place with Kazim Ali We experience place through multiple present tense lenses— sensory perception, kinesthetic observation, relationship of inner reality to outer surroundings— as well as through history, language, geography, botany, biology and zoology.

Craft Seminar: We will look at a number of writers who have engaged space and place in their work and discuss what techniques and forms they developed, often very site-specific.



Poetry submissions should be pages in length. Prose submissions can be pages in length. Excerpts from longer works with synopses are welcome. Previously published work of which the author holds copyright and the right to republication is acceptable for submission.

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Submit your retelling of the future today! Submit your work at cww. Murphy, Dawn Marar, Katherine E.