Persuasive essay on why we shouldnt have school uniforms

Moreover, if teachers and principals wore a school uniform, students would feel closer to them, and would be willing to talk to them or play with them, and that would enhance the teacher-student relationship.

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Besides, school uniforms are more comfortable and prettier than casual clothes, and when teachers and principals wear them, they will remember their good old days and will look young again, just like teenagers! The teacher and principals should not wear uniforms. Although they work for the school, they are just there to teach and help the students. Since our uniforms are bland, it would only be fair if they wore the same tasteless clothes every day of the school year, too. They should wear the same dull, knee-length uniform that we do.

On the bright side, teachers and principals no longer have to worry about wearing the same outfit as one another. We would all look identical in those uniforms anyway. In China, the traditional relationship between teachers and students is that students should respect their teachers.

School Uniforms Persuasive Essay

If teachers and principal start wearing uniforms, some students may think teachers are equal to them, and become disrespectful to them. Instead, they should choose cloths that are suitable for the subject they teach.

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For example, visual arts teachers can wear more stylish clothes while physical education teachers should wear sporty clothes. Besides, the clothing of a teacher can show his or her personality, and even make him or her popular with students. Teachers and principals should have to wear a school uniform because it will make us feel more intimate. Female teachers should wear a white T-shirt with a long black skirt. This would look more polite and clean. Male teachers should wear a white shirt with long black trousers.

Teachers and principals should not have to wear school uniforms, because otherwise they would seem too much like students.

I totally agree with teachers and principals wearing school uniform. I think uniforms are annoying and I really enjoy dressing up, but why do primary and secondary teachers get a pass on not wearing school uniforms while kindergarten teachers have to?

Talking Points: should teachers and principals wear a uniform?

Teachers should wear a mature version of our uniforms, and that includes no gel, hairspray, make-up or nail polish because our rules also state that. Call it: giving them a taste of their own medicine, because I really find buttoning up the buttons, tying the ties and all the multiple zipping up for 10 minutes so annoying.

Have you seen teachers and principals wearing uniforms? Personally, I think that teachers and principals have the freedom to dress with their own dress in a appropriate way as the are the role model of their students. Being as an adult, I believe that they have already been through the time of being a student, wearing the uniform,and now they should be entirely different from us as they have passed through this time already, therefore, I think that teacher and principals should not wear uniforms.

Teachers and principals should wear a school uniform because it would show professionalism to students and set a good example. Female teachers should wear a white blouse and a knee-length skirt, and male teachers should wear a white shirt and a pair of black trousers.

These outfits show the professionalism of their career. In Hong Kong, not many schools allow students to wear casual clothes, so I think at least the teachers should have the freedom to dress how they want.

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Teachers and principals should wear school uniform like we do, because we are from the same school, and we should all follow the same rules. I think teachers and principals should wear school uniforms. Schools should design a uniform for them because it would help security know who the teachers are.

We are now accepting your answers for this topic. I do agree, Teachers and the Office support should wear uniform to show their respect not only that, they also show students how to become one. I'm a teacher that always love to wear proper uniform or dress properly, because I want my students to look at me as a teacher not someone standing by the road. Some teacher don't like wear uniform and also their students.

Its all from the teachers. Thank You. Young Post covers the latest news, views and stories on Hong Kong students, school life, sport and local education, as well as keeping tabs on what's hot and what's not. Talking Points: should teachers and principals wear a uniform? Sam Gusway.

Persuasive Essay about School Uniforms

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