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In the short stories "metaphor", Budge Wilson suggests that people have various experiences, encounters and exchanges. These situations can lead to important learning and eventually self-actualization. You can understand more about personality, values, and identity.

Charlotte's first experience was seventh grade and I was happy, and Miss Hancock taught this metaphor; it changed the way Charlotte saw the world. This ability to write down her world in words is the lesson that Charlotte remembers most about 'metaphors'. Miss Hancock entered the classroom, "Eyes ag, hands clasped in front of her embroidered chest" In the handling of the metaphor, Sperber and Wilson believe that the most creative metaphor has a broader potential impact, and then the reader can take on greater responsibility.

The beauty of a creative metaphor is that one expression implicitly and implicitly determines a wide range of assumptions Relevance, Adams, Public public plaza of various churches, Concordia Journal 28 October : Please give me. However, repeatedly, this article specifically deals with the situation of civilian religious activities corresponding to the crisis of the community. This is important as it reminds us that both the speaker and the audience are limited by the context.

As the context changes the interpretation will also change This interpretation will never be completely objective. People are motivated when suffering. However, this is because the importance of the situation is recognized and leads to great or silly behavior of courage and courage. Still, these crazy actions evolve mainly around someone's love or something's love. The Snake Charmer and Joe Slowinski all gave courage James 13 " Throughout the book, Slowinski often encounters a very foolish but very courageous situation. Like Dostoevsky's novel, "The Snake Charmer" has an inverted configuration and two talkers, one tells the other and tells you that he is no longer alive.

Indian cobra is an important predator species that consume a large number of mice. Its poison ingredients have been used in medical research, and can be used for medicines that will serve humans.

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I walk like an Egyptian. Egyptian cobra is a native of deserts in North Africa and the Middle East, one of the largest and most common cobra in Africa.

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This species causes many deaths. It is the largest of all types of cobra and has a maximum length of 9. Egyptian cobra poison is very toxic. The bite can cause rapid death, and many people think that it is a snake that Cleopatra used to make suicide. Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilson received a progressive domestic reform legislation plan to guide his country during the First World War and seek peaceful solutions based on high ethical principles. By the League of Nations. He was deeply influenced by his father, Joseph Lager Wilson, and his mother, a religious family led by Janet Woodrow. Daughter of the Minister, Wilson.

Thomas Woodrow Wilson was born on 28th December Wilson was born into a family that is deeply religious, and his father is a pastor of the Presbyterian. Wilson 's family did not stay in one place, and due to the duty of Pastor Wilson, their families often moved. When Wilson was just two years old, their family moved to Augusta, Georgia.

Later they moved to Colombia, South Carolina. Wilson was born five years before the outbreak. Born in Stanton, Virginia on 28th December , he was the son of a presbyterian pastor who supported the Southern Union. Wilson served as the dean of the university professor, the university president, and the whirlwind career of New Jersey governor. But Wilson departed from the elliptical office was as painful as the soldiers of the Confederates who returned home when he was a child. After World War I, a treaty punishing the behavior of Germany must be enacted.

This must be done when Germany lost the war on 11 November and signed a ceasefire agreement.

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People in Germany feel hungry, the war runs out and they demand peace. The work of the Paris Peace Conference is to write a treaty of Versailles. British, American, and French representatives took part in the conference. Our 23rd president, Woodrow Wilson, participated in a war he did not want in any part. Wilson wishes to stay neutral and enjoy peace for his first semester. During the First World War, the role of Wilson in the war was widely known in all countries.

It is peaceful that Wilson wants most. To ask for peace, Wilson asked Congress to allow the United States to participate in World War I, which may not seem like a peace strategy, but Wilson is the only one I believe there is. She and her husband, Dr. They rarely know that their boys will be president one day. Woodrow's grandparents moved from Stravane in Tyrone County. Today is Northern Ireland. Woodrow Wilson, born on 28th December , is the 28th president of the United States.

Wilson served two terms from to Wilson represents the Democratic Party of Japan. President Woodrow Wilson is considered progressive as it introduced the Trade Commission Act to help regulate unfair business practices. President Wilson also pledges to improve the lives of everyday women and children.

This part is at the heart of Pudd'nhead Wilson's extreme and tragedy. The rhythm of this movement is very fast, often absurd, accompanied by twisting and rotation of the plot. But it is always closely related to the core problem of the story: Roxy did not fail to 'save' her son, and his ethnic heritage seemed to make him escape is. Roxy himself seems to agree with racial discrimination, and when she said "Tom", his black blood should be attributed to his actions. She also took advantage of this opportunity to claim her property and tell him that he is a captain and descendants of John Smith and is therefore a high-quality Virginia judge or someone else's stock It was.

From his great wisdom and progressive reform, to the tragedies of the great war and hope for his peace, Wilson has become a powerful leader through all these.

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Ten years after his death, he still remembers that he is a man: a moral and caring man who desperately wants to improve the world desperately. It was at the beginning of the 20th century that this man finally left his marks in our country. Not only did he make him an important historical figure, it was a hard effort to spend his life in his life.