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You may not use the material for commercial purposes. Please credit the copyright holder when reusing this work. Except as otherwise permitted by your national copyright laws this material may not be copied or distributed further. But who is the Inspector? Details about him are scant. Beyond these sparse biographical details, the Inspector seems less like a person and more like a moral force, one which mercilessly pursues the wrongs committed by the Birlings and Gerald, demanding that they face up to the consequences of their actions. We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other.

And I tell you that the time will soon come when if men will not learn that lesson, then they will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish. Good night. Priestley wrote this note to accompany the Mermaid Theatre production. Eric accuses his father of hypocrisy for sacking the dead girl after she asked for higher wages, because the Birling firm always seeks to sell their products at the highest possible prices.

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This exploitation is not limited to the factories. In the testimony of Gerald, and later Eric, the Palace Theatre emerges as a place where prostitutes gather, and where the supposedly great and good of the town go to meet them. When it is confirmed that Goole is not really a policeman, Arthur, Sibyl and Gerald immediately regain an unjustified sense of outrage. Only Sheila and Eric recognise and resist this hypocritical behaviour. The play leaves open the question of whether Eva Smith is a real woman who sometimes uses different names, including Daisy Renton , or multiple people the Inspector pretends are one.

Eva Smith is, therefore, not an individual victim, but a universal one. Having discovered that Inspector Goole is not a real policeman, and that there is no dead woman called Eva Smith at the Brumley morgue, a phone call announces that a woman has killed herself, and an inspector is on his way to question the Birlings.

The invented story Inspector Goole related has now come true. This seems a bizarre coincidence with which to end the play, but if we consider An Inspector Calls as a moral fable, and not as naturalistic theatre, it begins to seem much more like a logical, even inevitable, conclusion. The characters have been confronted with the error of their ways; some have repented, some have not.

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He reviews books for that paper and the New Statesman. His fiction has appeared in the White Review , the Stinging Fly and elsewhere. The text in this article is available under the Creative Commons License. An introduction to An Inspector Calls. Chris Power introduces An Inspector Calls as a morality play that denounces the hypocrisy and callousness of capitalism and argues that a just society can only be achieved if all individuals feel a sense of social responsibility.

Photographs from the production of An Inspector Calls directed by Stephen Daldry An Inspector Calls is set in a large suburban house belonging to a wealthy family. What is social responsibility? The Inspector When Inspector Goole arrives everything changes. Eva Smith: Everywoman The play leaves open the question of whether Eva Smith is a real woman who sometimes uses different names, including Daisy Renton , or multiple people the Inspector pretends are one. Wikipedia is about helping people. School is not a good place for the intelligent students to share ideas- but Wikipedia is. It does not need people like you discouraging edits.

I did a little bit of spelling correction and beefing out yesterday, I'll keep going. Cricketgirl , 27 January UTC. Also - surely this shouldn't be part of a WikiProject films, but rather Literature? In which case, why the bit at the top of the discussion page?

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This article looks like lots has gone wrong since the last comment on this talk page. Ok, the 'subject' in the sidebar is completely wrong and should be spell-checked or ommitted, the characters are not in order of importance so reading the article makes no sense whatsoever. The Plot Synopsis is actually not a plot synopsis and is just a random collection of facts about things which happen in the play.

All the Inspector Goole theories should either be moved to his character section or to a differnt topic on the page instead of being included in plot synopsis. General spellchecking is advisable. I am too busy writing an essay about this play right now to actually do much cleaning up. There is a longstanding debate about just who Inspector Goole is because it is confirmed within the play he is not a real police inspector.

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Do you fancy doing my job for me in return? Thought not. The characters are vital to the plot, and I have added a basic structure. But somebody needs to add detail, as it is practically a stub.

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I dont understand, maybe I will go through the information submitted and section it, seeing as no one else will:D Lindaaaaa. All the recent edits were performed by me. The story of this play is all about Socialist vs Capitalist views. The references to "Community" being "Nonsense" recognizes Birling as an ignorant capitalist, whereas Goole [who has "lower" social standing] clearly shows himself as a socialist due to his final speech.

New person: I was changed some spelling eg If more needs to be added on, someone should add it I'm not very familiar with this work and can't really add much more. The article seems pretty cleaned-up, for the most part. I also removed some vandalism. I am going to remove the cleanup tag, and if anyone disagrees they can re-ad it.

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This article is really helpful to T. Com Student of Saurashtra University. I hope this is ok - it seems to add to the overall neatness of the article, don't you think? Should it be placed somewhere else? I tried placing it in the introduction except it messed with the format, so I just put it in the synopsis.

What happened to a plot summary? And the character def. Larklight , 20 May UTC. Right, this article is way too long. I'm not sure of the protocall most peeps here liook like GCSE students too but the length on each character boarders and essay- not suitable for wikipedia. I recomend each one becomes a separate article. Larklight , 30 May UTC. As somebody who is unfamiliar with the play and went to Wikipedia for information, I found the article very confusing.

komarik23.ru/img/diwov-hydroxychloroquine-vs.php The surprise ending that the supposedly moral inspector is an imposter is buried in the character descriptions; this should either be omitted or made much more prominent. On several occasions Priestly's attitude is called socialist a term rarely used in US literary criticism. Is this explicit, or is the article writer simply assuming that because he satirizes a rich family? This is not just taught in Scotland and Bedfordshire. It is tauht all over the UK. I am living in wales and i still get taught it. Please someone change that :D I've once again gone through the article with a flamethrower.

Try to keep it encyclopedic? Larklight talk , 16 January UTC. I don't know if anyones noticed but the Character Arthur Birling has been vandalised I have looked up the history, and it is one of the anons from the 12th of March.