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This makes for a more comprehensive view. The current literature still appears very ambiguous regarding the exact relationship between the incidence of eating disorders among male athletes. This is due to a number of limitations such as the overall lack of studies relating the biological distinctions of eating disorders to male athleticism and a lack of robustness in the proposed causal models for athleticism as responsible for an increase in the incidence of male disordered eating.

Most of the recent literature reviews take the stance that the amount of literature available for males is decisively lacking and therefore no definitive conclusions may yet be drawn regarding a causal relationship, but a tentative one might be possible.

The Hidden Relationship Between Sport and Male Eating Disorders

Overall, it appears there is a lack of initial data present available to even draw conclusions on a biological or physical basis between the incidence of eating disorders for male athletes. The other deterrent that that makes it difficult for us to draw a causal relationship is the fact that the models explaining the causal relationship between athleticism and the prevalence of eating disorders in males are not comprehensive or robust enough. Among athletes, eating disorder incidence is significantly greater than for non-athletes.

This applies to both male and female categorizations of athletes and non-athletes as well. Further, while research into the relationship between female indicators of disordered eating in female athletes is robust and documented in the model of the Female Athlete Triad, such work is only in its nascent stages for males. Despite this, there are preliminary causal models relating male eating disorders to athletic participation.

Eating Disorder Thesis Topics – Psychological Issues

Again, three main plausible causal explanations exist to explain why athletic participation in males might lead to a higher incidence of eating disorders. American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. A meta-analysis of 36 studies.

Arch Gen Psychiatry, 68, — Increased mortality in bulimia nervosa and other eating disorders. Am J Psychiatry, , —6. Epling, W.

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Activity-based anorexia: A biobehavioral perspective. International Journal of Eating Disorders. Giel, K. Eating disorder pathology in elite adolescent athletes. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 49 6 , — Graham-Hinners, M. Hausenblas, H. Eating disorder correlates and athletes Order No.

Anorexia: why embarrassment still stops so many men from getting help

Hudson, J. The prevalence and correlates of eating disorders in the national comorbidity survey replication. Biological Psychiatry , 61 3 , — Int J Eat Disord. Joy, E. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 50 3 , Nakai, Y. European Eating Disorders Review , 21 1 , 8— Correlation of MRI grading of bone stress injuries with clinical risk factors and return to play a 5-year prospective study in collegiate track and field athletes. Am J Sports Med, 41, — Rosen, L.

Pathogenic weight-control behaviors of female college gymnasts. The Physician and Sportsmedicine.

Homework Topics regarding Eating Disorders Youngsters and Children

Epidemiology of eating disorders: incidence, prevalence, and mortality rates. Curr Psychiatry Rep, 14, — Prevalence of eating disorders in elite athletes is higher than in the general population. Clin J Sport Med. Sundgot-Borgen, J. Risk and trigger factors for the development of eating disorders in female elite athletes.

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  4. Interviews were transcribed and analysed according to the IPA guidelines yielding three master themes. Themes were interpreted using the existing literature on EDs and MoC.

    Anorexia nervosa - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology

    Use of reflexivity emerges throughout the study. These master themes comprised of ten subthemes. A critical consideration of the findings will then lead to recommendations for future research. Library Services. Harry Potter and Twilight actor Robert Pattinson recently spoke about his anxiety and struggles with body dysmorphia, while Game of Thrones star Kit Harington has also discussed ongoing issues with gaining the perfect physique.

    There are still significant challenges to overcome. Chief among those is persuading more men to speak out.

    Journal of Eating Disorders | Home page

    That had seemed impossible until now. If anything, they think that you probably have too healthy an approach to food. Rhik Samadder, whose memoir I Never Said I Loved You is bruisingly honest about his own experiences with eating disorders, mental health and self-harm, adds that it is important to look at the reasons why men still struggle to admit to a problematic relationship with body image.