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Through the use of computer vision procedures to gather new data from images, Chapter 2 explores how practical and aesthetic attributes of the exterior of a home are reflected in a home's sale price. Chapter 3 estimates the impact that legalization of recreational marijuana and the subsequent establishment of marijuana dispensaries has had on home transaction prices in Denver, Colorado.

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Advanced Search. I would be able to expand my imagination by coming up with new ideas and control the company as a whole. I love designing and creating different things that make people happy, and if one day I became an owner of a company that produced products that satisfied people, that would make me happy.

I soon came to the conclusion that in …show more content…. Before my research I thought that I already knew what it took to have a career in the business world.

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I found that there are many objectives that I have to overcome before starting my career. By doing my research, I have came to the conclusion that owning a business is not for me.

I have found a new love for real estate and everything it has to offer, career wise. A real estate agent would be the perfect job for me. In order to become a successful agent I will have to go to college and major in reality.

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I plan to attend a small college for two years and complete my basic college courses. After two years I would like to transfer to a four year university.

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I am looking to transfer in order to get my Bachelor degree in real estate. Real estate agents have no standard for educational requirements, but it is mandatory for an agent to be enrolled in a California D. Department of Real Estate approved online school, in order to get my real estate license. Show More. Department Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology. Metadata Show full item record. Abstract This dissertation is organized into three different topics in the fields of real estate economics, environmental economics, and urban economics, all of them linked by a common econometric technique.

The first topic determines the impact of real estate agents on house prices that are located close to an environmental disamenity.

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The main hypothesis is that real estate agents obtain higher prices than those theoretically expected when the houses are located closer to an environmental disamenity. The analysis takes into consideration the impact of differences in information about the presence of the environmental disamenity between buyers, sellers, and their real estate agent that ultimately have an impact on their bargaining position.

The estimated hedonic price model is used to predict house values for transactions done with and without a real estate agent, and calculate their percentage differences at various distance intervals from the landfills.