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Homework for me

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Why choose our homework help?

How to Buy Cheap Essay Essay writing is the trend of the day. What Academic Writing Services Do These services hire experienced writers, who have written papers for crowds of customers and who really know a good essay when they see it. Every professional writer has the expertise to format and style a document as required. They have websites that provide direct contacts between writers and customers and enable them to discuss details and achieve the best result. Customers set terms, requirements, and deadlines, which writers see immediately and decide whether or not this is a paper they can handle over the set period of time.

Customers track the process by requesting progress reports. Also, a customer may ask the writer to submit a part of the work for review and, if necessary, ask him or her to make corrections. Users can do all that using a live chat. Looking back to that experience now, almost 25 years later, there was an excitement in those classes. My students, most of which at that time would have not had computers at home, were excited at being able to engage in both the use of technology, and in the use of that technology to create original content. As a teacher, I was excited as well because my students and I were engaged in learning quite different from what any other teachers and students were engaged in in the entire building.

The excitement of being pioneers and pushing learning beyond the edges motivated both my students and myself. We literally monopolized the computers and the computer lab because at that time, no one else saw any future in it. Today, my lesson plans in would hardly be considered integrating technology into learning, and rightfully so. Just getting students to do what they could without technology hardly means capitalizing on technology.

Today, teachers who subject their students to endless PowerPoint presentations are hardly getting students to actively use technology.

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Even getting students to create their own presentations is no longer really engaging students in using technology to push the edges of innovation. In some ways, PowerPoint presentations have become the "five paragraph essay" of yesterday. Most of us who've taught English for more than fifteen years remember that monstrosity.

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  • The five-paragraph essay was an attempt to standardize writing in order help students mold their writing to fit standardized test scoring. Needless to say, as a teaching strategy, it was more about getting high scores on state writing tests than about students expressing original ideas and thoughts. It certainly wasn't about creativity and innovation.

    PowerPoint presentations as projects in many ways have replaced those five-paragraphs essays; they are simply as standardized way for students to present information.