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Robert Wrigley's "Horseflies"

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WINNER of the IDAHO PRIZE for POETRY 2017 • Selected by Robert Wrigley

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Estimated Price:. Order now. Online Custom Essay Writing Service. For me, such connections have most often had to do with where I am, on the face of this lovely and beleaguered planet. From that hard-rutted, high-line road, the dust billowed up like spindrift behind us, a cloud the color of my skin, slowly ghosting away.

WINNER of the IDAHO PRIZE for POETRY 2017 • Selected by Robert Wrigley

I loved the dry poultice a single summer day could be in the mountains, even these mountains, heavily timbered and ripped again and again for their logs. And it is a fact that we usually exploded into such places like children, laughing, while the dust chased us along the road. But there was one dry wash we stopped for: lake-sized, the pure dun from moth wings troweled smooth as glass.

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It was a miracle we waded into past our knees, a hot bath of earth you swore we could swim through, so we did, and it poured into us like sun, like music, and we rose on that other shore changed, our clothes, our hair, our hands, our lips altogether earth. That day, we learned again the easy worth of motion, the truck a dead sea away, idling, shimmery with heat, and in every way the antithesis of mountains, their imperceptible dance, their purity of waiting, those certainties we see as chance. The sheets flap and sway violently though.

From the piazza a pair of nuns. I wave and they wave back. The Poor Clares, the sisters of Santa Chiara here.